Zombie Brain DIY Chip Dip Bowl

Your Halloween party guest will love this disgusting DIY!


Need a fun, spooky, treat idea for your next Halloween party?  This quick, easy, DIY zombie brain doll  is sure to be the talk of the party! All week this doll head has given me so much entertainment! I found her at a garage sale for $10! Best ten dollars I ever spent! From scaring the daylights out of our poor neighbor’s dog to chopping her head off in the front yard with a saw. I am pretty sure our neighbors think we are crazy! Ok ok our neighbors know us pretty well and am SURE they think we are crazy. But they love us anyway, i hope..maybe? Anway moving on…




You will need

      • One doll head. Here are some similar doll heads I found online



  • Any kind of saw. I used a jig saw.
  • One bowl to fit inside her head (did i seriously just say that? So sick)
  • Caulk to seal around the bowl
  • Red paint to look like blood

First you need to chop off her head! Grab your saw and have at it! Warning: Be safe! The hair likes to get tangled in the blade, keep all extremities away from the saw!

Gross out your party guests with this disgusting DIY




I found that my kid’s little Ikea bowls fit perfectly in her head. I filled her head up with empty plastic shopping bags to add a little stability for underneath the bowl. Then we caulked around the bowl. We were pretty heavy handed with the caulk to add a little texture and also to seal the bowl in really good. Wait a few hours for the caulk to dry (around four hours or more depending on how much caulk you used). When it is good and dry it is time to paint!


Now, before you put food in it, make sure you clean it! I filled my sink up with hot water and anti-bacterial dish soap and I let her soak for a minute or two. Please do not forget this step, you do not want to ACTUALLY turn your guests into zombies.

For the chip dip I used one 24 oz tub of sour cream and one packet of french onion soup mix topped with a few drops of pink food coloring.

Think of all the possibilities! Chips and dip, veggies and dip,  fruit and dip, fill her head with candy or gummy worms! I just filled her head full of candy corn because my family isn’t a huge fan of candy corn so I know it will last longer! As a mom of three kids under five, I can’t just leave the good candy out on the table, it would get eaten obviously! What do you think of candy corn? Love it or hate it????

  xoxo Lou

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