How to be Broke and Happpy

feeling blue about your bank account? We feel ya! Check out this hilarious guide to being pretty and poor

Ok, first lets clear this off the table. I am not talking about homeless, starving to death poor with nothing but the shirt on your back. I am talking about living in a camping trailer parked behind your in-laws double wide trailer with a piece of plywood for a door kind of poor. (Yup, i have been that poor).  I am going to assume you are not withering away in some flea ridden cardboard box because you must be reading this on some sort of electronic device. So, If you are feeling sad, lonely or disappointed by the size of your checking account, here are a FIVE tips that have pulled me through some tough times. But remember, money comes and goes. Don’t let money define who you are.



 When I am feeling really upset about being poor it is usually because I am hungry. Life just feels so much better when you have food in the fridge. But what do you do if you can’t even afford milk to put in your mac and cheese? (Yes, I have been that poor.) Clip coupons and USE THEM! Mellie and I use the Wal-Mart savings catcher app religiously! Buy one get one free meals are your friend! Ain’t no shame in pinching those pennies!  Being poor is not fun… especially when you are hangry! So go eat something! I will wait. Go! The world will look much brighter with some dollar fries in your tummy.


When you are poor it is easy to have a “poor me” attitude. Especially when we are bombarded by beautiful posts, pins and photos all day. Its hard to have caviar taste with a tuna fish budget, I get it. Scrolling through Pinterest can sometimes make you want to cry with real, pure, unfiltered envy. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I have found it helpful to take extra special care of the things I do have. Display your drug store make up like they were the queens jewels. Clean your closet, make it look really pretty. Keeping things tidy can give the illusion of luxury. Heck, donate some of that stuff in your closet to someone who might actually be poor! 

feeling blue about your bank account? We feel ya! Check out this hilarious guide to being pretty and poor



Money issues are tough on marriages. It seems to bring out some friends who are not very fun to play with. Friends like blame, anger & resentment to name a few. It is important to remember that you guys are partners, working together to reach a common goal. You will get there faster and happier if you work at it together. The best place to build a foundation is at the bottom. If you can pull through this together, I can tell you from experience, the level of trust, compassion and empathy you will have will be out of this world. Have his back and he will have yours. Some nights you will fall into bed with nothing to hold but each other. So remember this, your odds of surviving the night in a cardboard box are better if you have someone to cuddle!



Save your pennies. Set goals. Try your hardest to steer away from debt. My husband and I are DEBT FREE!  It took soooo much work, time, sacrifice, determination and self control. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but, penny by penny we did it! The results are like a breath of fresh air… after being squished by a boulder for years.  I highly recommend Dave Ramsay’s books. I recommend listening to them on tape because he is hilarious. He knows just what to say to motivate you to do your best financially. 




You don’t have to be broke and lonely. When I was poor I felt like i was looked upon like a plague. like a contagious disease that no one wanted to mess with. Do not isolate yourself. Invite your friends to a picnic at the park, pack a lunch. Go somewhere and just hang out. Chances are they are probably poor too. Why do we feel the need to hide it? Everyone goes through tough times financially. Be real. Your friends will respect you for it. Having hard times makes you relate-able. Have pride in yourself and work harder. If your friends don’t like you because you are poor, it might be time for new friends…just sayin’

feeling blue about your bank account? We feel ya! Check out this hilarious guide to being pretty and poor




Want to make an old t-shirt and jeans look like a million bucks?… Wear red lipstick. Want to distract everyone so they don’t see the bags under your eyes? ….Red lipstick.  Want to look rich?  During the great depression lipstick sales sky rocketed. Why you ask? Well, I am far from a scholar, but, I imagine it has something to do with holding on to that last shred of  “something just for me” and its cheap! When everything is falling apart you can still look put together!

Photo Credit: Anne’s Smith Affinity Photography

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xoxo Lou

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  1. oh how i love this story! great little simple ideas and I agree- money doesn’t buy happiness ~ (… although always good to sometimes strive for more) haha – but I still agree with the above whole heartedly – thanks for writing and sharing it! xoxox Bee

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