My Secret To Glowing Skin (And It Is Under $10)

My under $10 beauty secret!

Christmas picture season is upon us! Get your skin glowing with this crazy tip! Make your skin as bright as your spirits for under $10 with a DERMAL ROLLER!

Melissa and I met at The Skin Institute. Both Melissa and I are licensed skin care professionals, also known as Estheticians. We love skin care so much we continued our education and became Master Estheticians! Skin care is our passion for sure!


Have you ever heard of dermal rolling? Dermal rolling is a miniature rolling pin covered in small needles. You roll it on your face to reduce acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and to brighten your complexion! It sounds and looks scarier than it actually is. The needles are so small it just feels like rubbing Velcro on your face. When you dermal roll your body produces a natural response to your brain. It tells your brain “hey brain, we are hurt over here! Send help! Come repair the skin right here.” Your brain says, “ok, help is on the way!” and your skin repairs it self! The results are awesome! Here are my step by step instructions below!

Keep your needles small. I use the 1.0 mm. Never go bigger than 1.5 millimeters unless you are getting it done at a dermatologist’s office. 


Wash your face with a good facial soap. DON’T PUT LOTION ON YET!


2. Disinfect your dermal roller. Soak it rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, or boil it in hot water.

3. Roll it on your face. Use quick up and down, side to side and diagonal motions for best results. Your Skin will be a little pink.




4. Apply serums, lotions and potions!

You can simply apply a good moisturizer or bump up your skin care game by using toners and serums.

The correct order of application is





What ever you put on your skin next is going to go really deep so make sure it is good. My favorite brands are Dermalocica, Image, Sanitas, or Cetaphil.  




Toners are the un-sung heroes of the skin care world. The molecules in lotions and moisturizers are too large to actually penetrate the skin. They just lay on top layer of the skin. Toners can break down those large molecules and help the moisture absorb into the lower, deeper levels of the skin. Added bonus: They make your moisturizer go farther. You will use half as much moisturizer! Awesome! My all time favorite toner is Demalogica Multi- Active Toner.


 5. Sleep on it!

Anything you put on your skin next is going to go deep into your skin. It is best to NOT USE MAKE UP until your skin can heal. If you do it at night your skin will be ready for makeup in the morning!

6. Stay out of the sun!!! Your skin will be brand new and baby fresh. It is always a great idea to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun, but it is especially smart after you have dermal rolled.

You can dermal roll up to two times a week. The more consistent you are, the better results you will have reducing wrinkles and scars.



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