Everything you need to know about MICROBLADING!

I am a natural blonde (although my hair has darkened with age) and I have a light complexion. So as you can imagine, I have light and fairly sparse eyebrows. I USED to fill them in with a powder or pencil daily. (Talk about a pain in the butt and so much time!) And honestly it was fine, but I never loved how they looked. I felt as if I couldn’t get the perfect color or shape. So last week I had my eyebrows microbladed! Here’s my before and after! 

Everything you need to know about microblading!

YOU GUYS- WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER?! Ok, fine, I’ll admit it. I was terrified! Anything that has the word “blade” in it makes me a little nervous. I had heard a few people tell me their experiences, but I just needed to know for myself! And because I am SO obsessed with my new brows, I wanted to give you guys some awesome tips and what to expect! 

1- Find a PROFESSIONAL Microblader! This means that they are trained, certified and preferably have some experience.  Check out their social media profiles for before and after photos, or just ask! Be sure you like their work before you commit! I used Jessica with TIMELESS PERMANENT MAKEUP in St. George, Utah.  She is a Master Esthetician and was gentle, professional, knowledgeable, and did an absolutely incredible job.  (I kind of think she’s amazing in case you couldn’t tell ha ha) She has been an Esthetician for 10 years, this girl has more knowledge about skin than you would believe. 

Everything you need to know about microblading!

2- While you’re preparing for your upcoming appointment there are a few things you can do to make your appointment go smoothly.  First, find a photo of yourself on a “good brow” day. This will give your technician an idea of what you like. Then, bring an example photo of what you want your brows to look like! Your technician will be able to have a good visual of what you are expecting! 

3-When you arrive for your appointment you will get a consultation and fill out a consent form. They will discuss what look you are going for including shape, color, etc. They will also talk to you about aftercare and how to take care of those fresh and amazing new brows. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS! The better care you take of  your new brows, the better they are going to heal and look in the end!

4- Your technician will next lay you down and prep your brows. This includes tweezing, shaving, and perfecting. This was SO relaxing.  I honestly felt like I was getting pampered at a spa! And, I maybe even fell asleep… just maybe.

5- Yay for numbing cream! Once the numbing cream is placed, it will usually sit on for about 20 minutes. While the numbing cream is setting your technician will apply different ink shades to your skin. This will help decide what color should be used and to see how it looks on your skin tone. My technician also did a sample test with the blade behind my ear to be sure that the color we chose looked amazing!

Everything you need to know about microblading!

Everything you need to know about microblading!

Everything you need to know about microblading!

6- Next, your technician will draw brows on with a pencil. This is where you can take a look in the mirror and see if you like the look or if you want to tweak ANYTHING. Remember, do what you like! These are your brows!

Everything you need to know about microblading!

7- OK! It’s go time! I am not going to act tough, I was freaking nervous! Sweaty palms and all! Lou came to my appointment with me and I was giving her the most terrified looks as Jessica was preparing to begin the process. Don’t worry she was super supportive and laughed at comforted me. What are best friends for? Haha. 

Everything you need to know about microblading!

The first blade stroke came and went and, I survived! Without any screams or crying ha ha.  I won’t sit and tell you that its painless, but it was not as bad as I had expected! I kept preparing myself for it to hurt worse with each stroke, but it didn’t! TOTALLY doable! Just go to a happy place where you are looking at your cute new brows in a mirror and the time will fly by! 

Everything you need to know about microblading!

8-  FINISHED! Your technician will put on some sort of vaseline/aquafor ointment ointment to your brows. Not only does it help soothe them, it will act as a protectant and help prevent scabbing. Then, your technician will go over the aftercare instructions. 

Everything you need to know about microblading!

The aftercare instructions that stuck out to me were- 

-NOT showering for 48 hours. You want to keep your brows nice and dry! (Other than the vaseline/aquafor)

-DO NOT pick your brows. Mine were pretty itchy for a few days after! If they become itchy you can use witch hazel to clean them. You want to do this once a day regardless. DAB them with a cotton ball and then reapply your ointment.  

-DO NOT exercise for 24 hours! 

9- Now, go home and enjoy those new brows. But remember, they will fade, even up to 50%! Microblading is a two step process! You will return for a touch-up 6 weeks later! So don’t worry when your brows start to fade after that first appointment. 

OK, now for the BEST PART! TIMELESS PERMANENT MAKEUP is giving one lucky winner a FREE MICROBLADING TREATMENT! (This also includes one touch-up!) Is there anything better!? Winner must be willing to travel to St. George, Utah to claim. To enter head to our INSTAGRAM to enter! Giveaway will run from 12/5/16- 12/9/16. 

She is ALSO giving a discount to all Mellie and Lou readers! $50 off a Microblading Treatment . ($200 instead of $250!!) You can contact Jessica at (435)229-3960 or timelesspermanentmakeup@gmail.com. 

We want to hear your microblading experience! Do you love your new brows? And how was your treatment? 

Everything you need to know about microblading!



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