“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” FREE printable

"Baby, it's cold outside" FREE PRINTABLE


YES! Another free printable! I am a sucker for festive holiday prints, and this is no exception.  I usually go for more of a simple and modern look, but I decided to make this printable a little more fun! “Baby, it’s cold outside” is definitely an amazing classic Christmas song, and one of my favorites! 

Ok, fine, it’s actually not that cold where I live. But sometimes I sit and miss the cold and fresh snow before Christmas, a girl can dream right?! This printable gives me the illusion that it is cold outside and that Christmas is ALMOST HERE! (WOO HOO) 

"Baby, it's cold outside" FREE PRINTABLE


What are you favorite Christmas songs?! I feel like there are too many good ones and not enough time. 

"Baby, it's cold outside" FREE PRINTABLE


I can’t wait to see where you place this printable in your home!! We would love to see it, tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we may feature you! 

Click below to download!

“Baby, Its Cold Outside” DOWNLOAD

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