Top 10 NON-CANDY Valentines

Top 10 NON-CANDY Valentines!

There are a lot of things I love about Valentine’s Day! I love having a day dedicated to showing that special someone how much you love them. I love all the little hearts everywhere you go. And last of all, I love the little class Valentine Parties at school. I remember when I was in elementary school I would plan for weeks what I was going to have as my Valentine Box, it HAD to be something unique, homemade, and just plain awesome (obviously). 

Next was planning my Valentines. But it seems like at that time you would just buy the pre-made ones at the store and attach your favorite treat. It was still fun picking out that perfect Valentine Card though! So many options and so little time ha ha. 

Nowadays, there are SO many ideas and options for Valentine’s. I love them! I am on the search every year for that perfect one to make for my kids’ classmates and teachers. They are still young enough that I get to mostly be in charge, although they are both starting to get opinionated about it. Dang it. 

I decided to do a roundup of my TOP 10 favorite Valentine’s…..that don’t involve CANDY!

Here’s the deal, I love candy. I’ll admit straight up that I am a chocoholic. Because of my love for chocolate, sometimes I need to avoid having extra chocolate around the house, or who eats it…you guessed it, me!

I also am like a lot of parents in the fact that I don’t love my kids to have more sugar and candy than necessary. All of that sugar isn’t good for those kids for obvious reasons. As a parent, I always appreciate a Valentine that is non-candy, so I try and do this myself with the hope that other parents like it as much as I do. 

So here is my TOP 10 LIST of my favorite NON-candy Valentine’s!


Valentine's that aren't candy!

You’re a Cutie – It’s Always Autumn


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

You’re a “Doh-Able” -Grace and Good Eats


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!Love is a Battlefield– Love and Marriage Blog 


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

I’ve Got My Eyes On You– Liluna


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

Don’t Burst My Bubble– Housewife Eclectic


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

You’re My Main Squeeze – Funky Polka Dot Giraffe 


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

You Make My Heart Race – Hello Wonderful 


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

Goldfish– One She Two She 


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

Have A Ball – Life With 4 Boys


Valentine's that AREN'T candy!

Dinomite– Sweet C Designs


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