Maskcara IIID Foundation: Before and After

Maskcara IIID Foundation BEFORE AND AFTER

As a Master Esthetician I have worked in the medical, beauty, and skin industry. Lets just say I have use  A LOT of makeup. I was able to keep my regimen pretty simple, but as I get older and being a tired mom shows on my face more and more I needed something AMAZING. I had fallen into a bad habit…..drugstore makeup.

There I said it.

I am ashamed.

Do I love it or even like it? Not at all! But life is busy and I didn’t  have the time to go browse the beauty and makeup counters at Nordstrom anymore. 

I was used to dealing with my crappy makeup until recently. I noticed that I was constantly touching up my makeup, it would only look good for maybe a couple of hours. And I NEED that foundation to last, I don’t have flawless skin. It can be blotchy and I have (tired mom) dark circles under my eyes.  If I want to look halfway decent I need that makeup to last all day even with me running around chasing two adorable hooligans.  Not only is it annoying to touchup makeup often, it’s exhausting.  I needed a one and done!

Maskcara IIID Foundation BEFORE AND AFTER

I have had my eye on Maskcara IIID Foundation for quite some time. I was ALWAYS so impressed with how it helped to brighten up peoples’ complexion and the contouring was incredible! So, I FINALLY pulled the trigger!

I am so lucky to have the amazing Cara, of Maskcara, as a neighbor. She was so nice to allow me come over and got me all set up with my colors, brushes, and sponges. If you follow them on instagram they have ways that you can find YOUR perfect foundation color, or you can locate the nearest Maskcara Artist! 

I was so excited to use all my new goodies, and wanted to do an experiment. I KNEW it looked good! No doubt about it. It applied flawlessly to my skin, blended amazing, and made me feel like a new woman. But, I wanted to compare my Drug-Store makeup to Maskcara.

Maskcara IIID Foundation Before and After


I was SHOCKED at the results. I looked so “blah” before. (Please note, in this photo my drugstore makeup is on HEAVY!) My skin was dull and my bronzer appeared so orange. The Maskcara foundation makes my skin GLOW! And the bronzer is a perfect shade of brown, no orange undertones! These photos were taken at the same time of day, same lighting, and immediately after I had applied my makeup in the morning. 

To say I am ecstatic is an understatement. I love the look (obviously), how quick and easy it is to apply, and the longevity of it. I have not touched up my makeup ONCE since I began wearing this brand. NOT ONCE! Even on my sweatiest, most tired, and busy days.

So if you want to look flawless and have glowing skin, head over to Maskcara NOW! I can’t wait to hear how you like it! 


xo- Mellie

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