Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth
 Natural Childbirth 
The Ultimate DIY
So you are considering natural childbirth!?! Awesome! Are you freaking out? I was too! I hope reading this will give you some peace, and, calm your nerves. The goal is to deliver without looking like someone off of “The Exorcist”.  So, before your first contraction hits, and you start crawling up the stairs backwards. Read these tips to keep you calm and cool as a cucumber during childbirth.

Natural Childbirth
These tips helped me deliver, and, also helped me keep a tiny shred of my pride. (A very teeny-itty-bitty-microscopic shred of pride).  I have delivered three, healthy, beautiful, babies naturally. I learned a few surprising things along the way. I can’t wait to show you my secrets! 
 All right here we go. Practice your breathing ladies. Heeee heeee hooooooooo heee heeee hoooooo…… Just kidding…. But seriously.



Step  One:

Take a hike….Well ok, more of a leisurely stroll.

“Get the show on the road”… literally. Walking is a good way to get your contractions regular. It is also a good way to differentiate between real contractions and false ones.  If you are having a “real” contraction you will have to stop and take a break to get through. As a general rule you can’t really talk or walk through a “real” contraction.  Time your contractions. Your Dr. will want to know.  They will start to come like clock work. It is the strangest thing, but, also so exciting!

Natural childbirth generally takes longer. When that first contraction hits, I like to go for a walk. I have found it helps me calm those pre-show jitters and makes me feel like I am doing something helpful. My Mother-In-Law teased me, she said it looked like I was trying to walk right out of my own body.   I have found walking helps wiggle the baby down into a better position. Don’t go too far and do not wear yourself out! This is only phase one.




     Babies like to come in the wee hours of the night. You are not going to be sleeping much tonight mama. You are going to need your rest.  Your contractions will slow down now that you are not walking. Turn off the lights. Even if you can’t actually drift off, it is important to TAKE IT EASY.  If you plan on going to the hospital, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO EAT.  I know your tummy is queezy, and, eating may be the last thing you want to do but, STOCK UP!!!! They don’t let you eat at the hospital while you are in labor. It is also important to STAY HYDRATED. Dehydration makes your cramping worse…ain’t nobody got time for that.



     Everyone is different, but, for me and thousands of other women THE TUB IS WHERE IT IS AT!!! In my experience it takes the pain from an un-bearable 10 to a manageable 6. I am always surprised how much progress I make in the tub. When the pain starts getting unbearable, hop in!  The tubs at the hospital are SO awesome because they are deeper, it feels so much better to have your whole tummy submerged.  If you are a birthing goddess and you decide to stick it out at home, BIRTHING TUBS ARE BETTER THAN YOUR REGULAR BATHTUB. They are deeper and you neeeeeed to get that tummy and that aching back in some H2oooooohhhhhhhhh.





I know this pill will be a tough one to swallow, but you have NO CONTROL during childbirth.

Your body is on a mission. It cares very little about you or your opinion.

The battle is not with your body, it is with your mind! There is nothing you can do to stop your body from having a baby right now. So just breathe and let it happen. I know it sounds silly but this was the biggest light bulb moment i had after delivering my first baby. You can kick and scream and fight…. or you can peacefully just let it happen. I suggest the latter.



Let go of fear, worry, anxiety, inadequacy …. let all that slip out of your mind.

Wait, what!!?!? It’s not that easy!  Isn’t that like saying, “don’t think about a purple elephant?” of course you are going to think about a purple elephant! 

To truly let go of your thoughts, worries and doubts, you need to replace those thoughts with something else. That is why for years doctors and midwives have had women focus on their breathing. Focus on your breathing, focus on meeting your baby. Focus on the thought that this will all be over soon. Focus on making it through just one more contraction. 

Your body knows exactly what it needs to do.

Your one and only job is to


Your body literally will do everything else. So kick back, relax, and let it all go. This baby is comin’!

As women we loooove control. It is scary to not be in control. Especially when you lose control of something as personal as your own body. I know this one is really tough. But, I can help you find ways to come to terms with losing control and help it be a positive thing.  THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP THIS BABY FROM COMING. He or she is on their way to meet you, and snuggle you, and they are going to love you so much. LET GO AND LET THEM COME!

natural childbirth



I depend on this last trick and probably could not do it with out it.

Counter pressure!

A nurse taught me this trick with my first. It is heavenly. If you are laying on your back with your legs spread (probably how you got in this mess to begin with.)  There is a pressure point right in the middle of your lower knee cap.  Bend your knee and there is a little dip, yup that is the sweet spot.  Have your husband/mom/midwife/nurse/janitor ANYONE take the heel of their palm and push, steady and strong on both knees during a contraction… Instant relief.  You are welcome in advance.



P.s. I hope you enjoy these awkward pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.



If you are having back labor:

You can also do counter-pressure on your back (on your sciatic nerve right between your hips and above your butt crack).  Or in the middle of your butt cheeks. 



A quick, very disgusting note about pushing: With my first, I was pushing all wrong! I was literally doing crunches on the hospital bed. WRONG!!! I wasted precious time and energy. I endured so much un-necessary pain!  PUSH LIKE YOU ARE POOPING!!!  Labor feels EXACTLY like pooping. (not that I would know because I totally don’t poop) (insert winky face) I was so concerned about pooping that I was pushing all wrong. Give yourself an enema before you head to the hospital, that way you can just let it all go with out worrying about poo. JUST POOP! 


For more helpful tips check out the links below. These books totally helped. 

I hope that some of these tip help! Also remember that everyone is different. Trust your gut (your gigantically, huge, enormous, gut) and do what works best for you.

Best of luck and lots of love:


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  1. I remember being there with you for two of your births! The third child our little Evie Roo was a stinker and came when she was dang good and ready! It was amazing to watch you power through doing it all natural! I am a proud mama!

  2. Hey there! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

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