5 Unusual Ways To Induce Labor Naturally

5 Unusual Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

That last stage of pregnancy is ABSOLUTE WORST! Your body hurts, you cant sleep, days feel like weeks (especially if you are over due). You just want that baby OUT OF THERE! I totally feel your pain! Trust me, I have been there. Here are a few things that helped me that maybe you have never heard about.

Let’s get real for a minute.

I am about to make my mother blush.

Mom, just skip right over this next paragraph please?!? Mmmkay, thanks!

You will NOT hear me say “have more sex to induced labor”.  Having someone jiggle all over you is super fun and very important for relationships. Sex is great, but it is so uncomfortable and nauseating in those last few days/weeks of pregnancy. I feel like the whole “have lots of sex to induce labor” thing is a lie that your doctor tells you so your husband can “fill his canteen before the drought” if you catch my drift. Ha ha ha! Ok ok, my rant is over! Here are a few ways to induce labor that may be a bit more enjoyable. 



1. Get Adjusted by a Chiroprator

Getting adjusted late in pregnancy is super beneficial! Not only does it reduce neck and back pain, it can help that baby get aligned for a quick and easy escape from Askaban (a.k.a. your vagina)! Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively. Prenatal chiropractic care can also prevent your baby from getting in some crazy positions such as breech, posterior, and all sorts of other troublesome pretzel like shapes. When your baby is in the right place, they are more likely to get a move on to meet the world!


 If you are from Southern Utah I highly recommend  Dr. Justin B. Traveller. He is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. (I am not just saying that because he is my cousin). Yup, he is my family (poor guy). Make yourself an appointment today or learn more about chiropractic care at healthologyexperts.



Five Unusual Ways to Induce Labor Naturally


2. Acupuncture

I am no fan of needles, but in those torturous final days of pregnancy I get so desperate I would try just about anything! The needles are seriously, ridiculously thin. Honestly you can barely feel them. They insert the needles on certain pressure points that correlate with labor (uterus, hips, cervix) There are also pressure points they can do for stress and anxiety! Badda-bing bada-boom! Your contractions will start to get more frequent! My cousin Dr. Traveller also does this in his office.


 Foot Zoning

5 Unusual Ways to Induce Labor Naturally


3. Foot Zoning

Foot zoning basically does the same thing as acupuncture… except… NO NEEDLES! YAY! But this is no ordinary foot rub! Immense pressure is applied to the pressure points in your feet. Some spots can be very sensitive! Lisa Frei is my go to foot zoning professional. So good! I love her so much! Foot zoning is so fascinating to me. The fact that some one can tell what is going on inside your body by rubbing your foot is just mind blowing. So neat! To schedule an appointment send her a direct message through Facebook messenger. Click here


5 Unusual Ways to Induce Labor Naturally


4. Hypnotherapy

Sometimes it is more of an emotional/mental block holding you back rather than anything physical. A good hypnotherapist can help ease anxiety and tension and also give you some tools to conquer your fears! Hypnotherapy is not what it used to be. There is nothing spooky or weird about it. All hypnotherapy does (in my own personal experience) is help you relax and check into yourself. Hypnotherapy is a great way to let go of fear, anxiety, worry, guilt.. all the things that go hand in hand with labor and delivery. Lisa Frei is also my go to girl for hypnotherapy. I had the most amazing, spiritual experience with her while I was pregnant. It literally changed my whole life by simply changing my attitude and perspective. Maybe I will write about my experience later. Is that something you guys would be interested in reading?



5. Get a Pedicure

I worked at a The St George Day Spa for many years and I have seen dozens of girls go into labor the night after getting a pedicure! Maybe it is the relaxation, maybe it’s those pressure points getting rubbed, maybe it is feeling prepared now that your toes finally look cute? I will never know. All I know is I have seen this work with my own eyes! Having a fresh pedicure also helps you feel more lady like when you are doing not so lady like things… like having a baby. It also doesn’t hurt to have pretty piggies to focus on while you are trying NOT to focus on other things… like having a baby. I highly recommend the St George Day Spa. I know from working there that they are very strict about cleanliness.  They triple sterilize all their tools and pedicure tubs with hospital grade disinfectants! And they just got new pedicure stations! I can not wait to check them out! Book your appointment today:  St George Day Spa


5 Unusual Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

I hope these tips help! I am wishing you the best of luck and a speedy delivery!

Any questions or comments? Have you ever done any of these things? What worked for you? I would love to hear from you! leave us a comment!

with love: Lou

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