Adorable DIY Flower Mobile

DIY Flower Mobile

Want me to let you in on a secret? Oh, you do? Ok, I’ll spill… Deep breath…ok here it is… I AM BROKE! Every time I spend more than twenty dollars I cringe! I don’t think there is anything in my closet over $20!  When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl OVER TWO YEARS AGO!!! (Gosh, where does the time go?) My heart wanted a beautiful nursery full of beautiful, expensive, things… my budget, not so much. This easy-peasy DIY flower mobile made my heart, AND my head, AND my wallet, AND my eye balls happy! Keep reading for more secrets…. 

DIY flower mobile



 What you will need! 

Styrofoam wreath: I got mine at DOLLAR TREE! (for one dollar obviously)


Beautiful silk flowers

Cheap silk flowers to fill in the gaps


50% of these flowers are from DOLLAR TREE! Woop woop!

Crystal chandelier chains and droplets

Hot glue gun


Four one inch nails

THAT’S IT!  Not to shabby huh?

DIY Flower Mobile

First, wrap and glue your ribbon around your wreath.

DIY Flower Mobile


Second: Push four nails into wreath. make sure they are directly across from each other so your mobile will balance. 

Don’t push them in all the way, leave at least a half inch exposed. (see above picture)



DIY Flower Mobile

Cut your flower stems so they are no longer than 1 1/2 inches


 With sharp scissors, cut a hole in the ribbon. After hole has been made, stab scissors into foam to make a small hole big enough to fit your flower stem in. Like disssss (french accent because we are fancy)


DIY Flower Mobile


Place larger flowers next to the nails for more balance. (Also, the bigger flowers hide the nails better)


DIY Flower Mobile


Dab some hot glue on your stem and insert it into the hole.


DIY Flower Mobile


Continue this process until you have burnt yourself with hot glue at least a dozen times, or, until your wreath is full and beautiful.



DIY Flower Mobile


Now make four equal strands of the crystal chains. Tie them together with some extra ribbon. take the bottom chain link and hook it onto the nail. 

 DIY Flower Mobile


Don’t be confused.

My dew drops came with this cute little spiral on top.

I should have taken a picture with out the spiral so you can see how simple it is.

Just stick the nail through the center of one of the circular chain links.

Do the same with your dew drops.


DIY Flower Mobile


 Now it should look and hang like this.

DIY Flower Mobile


Take the extra ribbon you tied your chain with and secure it on to your ceiling. I screwed mine into the ceiling. 


Wasn’t that easy? And SOOOO PRETTY! (and cheap) I love it!

Here is what it looks like in my house.

DIY Flower Mobile

Look at my sweet baby girl. Waaaaaaa…. She is so big now! (I took this picture a while ago, now she is almost two!)

Look how pretty this is. I am so jealous that my daughter gets to stare up at this beauty all morning!

Sometimes the light hits just right and it makes her room sparkle. Like a classy disco ball! What little girl doesn’t want a sparkly room?



DIY Flower Mobile

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