Five Drool Worthy Camping Trailer Renovations


I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!! WE BOUGHT A CAMPING TRAILER! In the words of Emmett from Lego movie…

OH MY G- O- S- H.

What? You don’t remember that part of the movie? Whats wrong with you? Here is a clip.

Alright ladies and gentleman, I have seriously lost sleep while planning what I could do to this trailer!


I have lived in a very strict apartment for about nine years now. So, to have something that is actually MINE, that I can actually get my hands dirty on, and actually change things?!?!?! (Actually is my favorite word today) Oh my gosh! My head is just exploding! I can’t wait to get started!




So shhhhhhhh….. don’t tell.

My husband is very practical. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t decorate ANYTHING!

To him, decorating is a waste of money.

If my husband were to close his eyes and imagine his dream space it would look just like our trailer does now. 


Brown walls, brown couch, brown cupboards, brown floor.

(I’ll post pictures of our trailer really soon!)

I am hoping that I can convince him that our humble, little, trailer needs and update! Hopefully these trailer renovations will convince him.

…..Or else I will just have to do it all by myself when he is out of town.


Here are some trailer makeovers I have been drooling over and stealing ideas from…

  1.  design sponge

How hip, cool and trendy is this!?!? While also being classic and timeless! How can you be trendy and timeless at the same time? I dunno, but they did it. I LOVE IT!

I am thinking a reclaimed wood wall in my trailer is a must! I love how the brass light and the green plant just pop in front of it! My hubs is a man’s man and I am thinking I need to make it very masculine so he doesn’t get teased when his hunting buddies see inside! It’s his trailer too… dang it.


2. Classy Clutter


Oh my sweet baby Jesus. This trailer is what started it all for me. Classy Clutter’s trailer was my gateway drug to trailer makeovers! You have to see the whole thing! What a transformation! That wall paper just speaks to my soul… and that back splash! Excuse me while I pack my bags and move in.


3. Mountain Modern Life

Five Drool Worthy Camping Trailer Renovations



I mean,… come’on. Are you serious right now!?!? This trailer is perfection. If this trailer was human, I would put a ring on it so fast! Marry me beautiful trailer! I think we would have such a happy life together!


4. Country Living



I love all the little details in this trailer. The mason jar filled with wildflowers, the cute, simple curtains, the cutting board, the wallpaper. I love how they kept some of the original charm. 


5. The Vintage Revival


Ok guys, I love this little “nugget”. I love the hanging mugs, the penny tile back splash, the industrial sink. Just send me the bill… I’ll take two of them!

I am working on another post all about my trailer “grand plan”. It will be full of sneak peeks, good ideas, and before and after pictures! Keep your eyes peeled cuz your not going to want to miss it!

xoxox Lou

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