Peace Themed Two Year Old Birthday Party

This peace sign, hippy, daisy, themed party was SO FUN! and so cheap and easy! The whole party cost me FOURTY DOLLARS! Talk about budget friendly! This sixties inspred little girls birthday party is perfect for any two year old!

I debated not throwing this party because:

let’s be honest, she is two, she has no “friends”, she will never remember it, parties cost a lot of money. The list goes on and on, I mean, who is this party even for?  

But for some reason (probably because I am crazy) I just couldn’t kick this idea. So I made it happen.


And did I mention, I did It all for way under $50?


Keep scrolling to see the budget break down and loads of cute pictures.

My son being a cute little helper.

The Budget Break Down

Paper Daisies: FREE

Peace Sign Shirt: FREE! 


Lemonade (including lemons and ice)  10.00

Cupcakes: Store bought from Wal-Mart 12.00

Cupcake toppers: FREE (printable below)

Cake: 10.00

Plates, spoons, cups and straws. 7.00

Balloons: .99

TOTAL: $40.00!!!!!!!!!

I made the paper daisies myself out of regular ol’ printer paper I had laying around.

I’ll be doing a post soon on how to make a paper daisy! I learned lots of tips and tricks to save time and energy.

 Also, learn what I used to keep them hanging!


The peace sign shirt was a gift from my sister-in-law.

Check her out at Ari’s Angels 

Click HERE to shop



Click HERE to download.

Peace Sign Printable Cupcake Toppers


I made the cake myself with two boxes of white cake mix, LOTS of vanilla frosting, and brown and yellow M&M’s.

Seriously this cake was so easy! It is FOOLPROOF! Trust me! I know first hand!  I messed it up so bad! The cake fell apart so  I molded it back together by squishing it with my hands.

I was worried.

I never have been much of a baker! (obviously, ha ha ha)

But anything can be fixed with enough frosting! 

The M&M’s worked for extra camouflage to hide my mangled cake.

I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

(excuse me while I pat myself on the back)

I am so glad because I was pretty heart broken for a while!

I had found my dream cake.

The original plan was to have a pink Volkswagen Van cake like this:


Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing!? Especially if it was pink! Everything is cuter in pink! 

But when I found out it had an $125 price tag (that was with a discount) My husband squashed that idea real fast.

I was so sad (talk about a first world problem!)

But I am Happy to report that I loved my cake just as much! And the whole party cost me a fraction of what the cake alone would’ve cost me. That makes me love the cake even more!

We will chalk that up to a big, fat, WIN!



I loved this theme because I have always been a closeted hippy. (To those who know me well, my hippiness might not be so closeted.)

I mean, how perfect is this theme for a two year old? It is perfect I say, absolutely perfect!

Also, My dad’s signature slogan is “peace” or “peace baby”.

My dad is a big, scary, rough and tumble, Harley Davidson riding, dude. He looks a little scary on the outside, but on the inside he is a giant fluff ball. Seriously, He might cry more than my mother. (which is saying a lot.) He is just a big, tender, heart. 

His version of a high five is doing the peace sign with his fingers, then touching his two peace fingers to your two peace fingers.

(what a dork, he thinks he is so cool.)

He greatly inspired this party theme. Love you daddy.

SO… What I am blabbing on about is, this party was awesome. If you are looking for birthday party inspiration,

I hope you found it here! Have the best day ever and be kind ya’ll! 

xoxoxo Lou 


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  1. My son just turned 2 this past weekend. I hear ya on saving money and Lord knows they have no idea about the party! ILOVE the Target dollar spot for decorations!! lol but this is a super cute, creative idea!

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