Rodan + Fields Active Hyrdating Serum Review

Rodan + Fields Active Hydrating Serum Review

My friend Jessica sent me this bottle of Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum to try.

Mellie and I (Lou) are both Master Estheticians (licensed skin care professionals).

I was very curious, and cautious.

Being a skin care professional, I am a bit of a brat when it comes to what I will put on my skin!

But I have fallen in love!

Rodan + Fields Active Hydrating Serum Review


Here are some reasons why:

  • The ladies who started Rodan + Fields also started Pro-Active. They are considered to be one of the great pioneers of skin care! My interest was sparked, but honestly I was (and still am) a little turned off by the multi-level- marketing. But I get it! Cable TV subscribers are lower than ever! The ol’ infomercial  just ain’t what it used to be! These days, social media is the best way to advertise! These ladies are smart cookies!
  • Upon using this serum ONE TIME your skin is 200% more hydrated!  R + F has a patented formula (meaning ONLY they have it) that draws the moisture out of the air and LOCKS it in your skin! 
  • It is light as air! 
  • Perfect for all skin types! EVEN OILY SKIN TYPES! Like I mentioned above, it is light as air, non-greasy, your skin just feels nourished after you use it. Despite popular belief, moisturizing oily skin is actually the best thing you can do for oily skin! When you properly moisturize oily skin, it sends a message to the brain saying; “Hey brain! We are good on oil up in here, so if you could stop sending oil, that would be great.” Then your brain says “Hey cool, I am so glad you are doing well! I’ll stop sending oil now.” Then your skin says “thanks boo”. Ok, it might not happen just like that, but I am sure the process is similar.
  • Jess told me it would make my skin feel like it was on a tropical vacation. She wasn’t lying! It totally does! (which is a big deal considering I live in the desert.)
  • The bags under my eyes were less noticeable!
  • My makeup went on smoother.
  • No flaky dry spots.
  • Supple healthy skin that looks glowey, NOT GREASY OR OILY!
  • It doesn’t even advertise this but MY OH MY! It has drastically reduced my eye wrinkles! I have super sensitive eyes, so I am unable to use most eye creams! But I haven’t had any problems putting it allllll over my eyes, and my eyes are sooooooo happy!

Proof is in the puddin’ babe.

Here are some pictures.



I am trying to show you REAL results. This is my REAL face with no make up on. Try not to scream mmmmkay!






Rodan + Fields Active Hydrating Serum Review


Way less fine lines and wrinkles, riiiighhhht?!?!?!?

I think so!

Also, I got told my skin was glowing three times this week.

Which immediately lead to their next question, you guessed it;

“are you pregnant?”


I am not pregnant!

My skin is just hydrated!





Step one: Wash your face.

Step two: Tone your skin with a hydrating toner (optional, but recommended)

Step three: APPLY RODAN AND FIELDS ACTIVE HYDRATING SERUM. I just put a few drops in my hands and rub it on my face. 

Step four: Apply moisturizer

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To purchase contact Jessica!

or on Instagram @talkaboutskincare

Rodan + Fields Active Hydrating Serum Review


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