Ooey Gooey Indoor S’mores

The perfect finger-food-for-any-occasion! Fouth-of-July, S'mores, indoor s'mores, quick, easy, Golden Graham treat bars,

Guys, I make this crack cocaine treat at least once a month! The funny thing is, is that every time I make it I hardly get any because people circle like vultures until it is gone! No seriously! I have resorted to grabbing a big ball of it, then I lock myself in the bathroom so no one can steal it from me! (I know I am disgusting…..and smart.) Go ahead and judge my eating habits, Judgy McJudgerton, I have no shame! This stuff is really THAT GOOD! And it is sooooooo addicting!

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Strawberry S’mores

S'mores are a thing of the past! These delicious, quick, easy, summer treats are a must-have dessert for your next camping trip!

My husband and I are huge foodies. Camping for us is 90% food 10% adventure, and 100% fun!

Guys! We just tried these roasted marshmallow strawberry s’mores, and let me just say, Ill probably never eat another s’more ever again!


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Fruit Pizza

The Perfect V-Day Desert

Valentines day is just around the corner. I am still recovering from all the holiday treats.  I convinced myself that because this cookie has fruit on it… it must be healthy, right??? It is basically a salad in my opinion. Bwahahahahahaha. (evil laughter) Seriously guys, this fruit pizza is amazing! It has become a Valentines Day tradition at our house. Well, at least for me, I rarely have any left over to share with my family. (Insert more evil laughter)

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