DIY Bead Sunglasses

Fun, easy, colorful sunglasses makeover

Is summer here yet? I am so sick of being cooped up inside! I have been daydreaming of blue skies and poolsides! Those day dreams inspired me to give my cheap, old, outdated sunnies a face-lift!!!! Grab these supplies and lets get started!

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Life Is An Adventure

Life Is An Adventure: a few notes about growing older


Life is…

Like Mellie mentioned a few posts back, we are working with “Cents of Style”. Right now they are working on an inspirational line of T-shirts titled “Life Is…”.

 Starting 1/20 all of their inspirational graphic t-shirts will be 50% off and FREE shipping! Use code : INSPIRE17. You won’t want to miss it! These shirts are SO awesome.  

I picked this shirt out because… Duh! It is cute!

Navy blue is totally my color!

Then Melissa wrote her post “Life Is Sweet”… It was awesome.   You should totally read it! It is so good. Then I was like, awe crap… what am I going to say about my shirt? I picked the wrong shirt. Honestly, my life right now is not super adventurous. I am not trekking the globe, jumping out of air planes, or feeding hungry sharks that’s for sure. Right now, adventure for me means changing out of my pajamas or making it out of the grocery store alive. (I’d rather swim with the sharks.)  

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Bip and Bop Jewelry

Bip and Bop Handmade Jewelery

I am feeling so fancy today guys.  I am wearing REAL jewelry.  This is not the five dollar kind I usually wear.  I am feeling sooo grown up… well sort of.  I think I will be ninety-two and still be laughing at fart jokes and pulling pranks. But, at least today, I look grown up. 

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