Redbox Christmas Gift

Redbox Neighbor Gift

I am SO excited to be sharing this gift idea! My husband and I wanted to give all our friends something that we loved this year, and something at the top of that list is Redbox! We are movie junkies! We love the convenience of it and you can’t beat the price. 

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Lipsence Giveaway

We have teamed up with Babe’n with Brooke to bring you a Lipsence giveaway!!! We are Giving away one starter kit a $55 VALUE!!!! The starer kit includes one lip color, oops remover and gloss. Follow us on Facebook to enter!

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How To Slam A Tim Tam

How To Do the Tim Tam Slam


Many years ago my Grandparents lived in Blackbutt Australia…. that is not a typo! You read correctly BLACKBUTT!  Hahahahahahahaha. You can’t make this stuff up! My momma went to visit them and when she returned, she brought with her a giant box full of these mysterious cookies, Tim Tams. My mom has spent hundreds of dollars shipping these beauties (say beauties like the Crocodile Hunter, it makes it more fun) across the globe. Was it worth it? YES!

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Bip and Bop Jewelry

Bip and Bop Handmade Jewelery

I am feeling so fancy today guys.  I am wearing REAL jewelry.  This is not the five dollar kind I usually wear.  I am feeling sooo grown up… well sort of.  I think I will be ninety-two and still be laughing at fart jokes and pulling pranks. But, at least today, I look grown up. 

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