Mortifying Monday: The First Fart

Love At First Fart

My husband’s name is Zedekiah. I know, I know… it is a weird name. No , he is not a polygamist.  He is just a regular ol’ white guy with a weird biblical name. Strange thing is, his name totally fits him! I can’t imagine his name being anything else! We have been married for almost ten years now.


This is a story about the first time I farted in front of him.

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The Day That I Got Spit on By A Llama


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Allow me to set the scene, it is Halloween circa 2006-ish. I was a young, single and free college student in Southern Utah. I went to Staheli Family Farm with my two best friends Ashley and Brian. (Names have NOT been changed to protect their identities. If I am going down they are coming with me.) Staheli Family Farm is my happy place; corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, hay rides and hot cocoa. Staheli Farm is what Halloween dreams are made of. Anyway, we started the night at the “field of screams” (a combination of a corn maze and a haunted house).

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