Peace Themed Two Year Old Birthday Party

This peace sign, hippy, daisy, themed party was SO FUN! and so cheap and easy! The whole party cost me FOURTY DOLLARS! Talk about budget friendly! This sixties inspred little girls birthday party is perfect for any two year old!

I debated not throwing this party because:

let’s be honest, she is two, she has no “friends”, she will never remember it, parties cost a lot of money. The list goes on and on, I mean, who is this party even for?  

But for some reason (probably because I am crazy) I just couldn’t kick this idea. So I made it happen.


And did I mention, I did It all for way under $50?


Keep scrolling to see the budget break down and loads of cute pictures.

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"Where the Wild Things Are" Baby Shower

One of my sons favorite books is “Where the Wild Things Are“. I actually remember reading this book as a child myself and thinking how cool it was that Max went on this amazing adventure and came back to his hot dinner waiting for him! It’s amazing how timeless of a book it is. It makes my 5 year olds imagination go wild, and he loves seeing cute little Max dancing with the wild things. 

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Sassy Sauce

A great alternative to washing your kids mouth out with soap

My sister told me about this ingenious parenting hack a few years ago. She has three little girls. You can imagine, things can get pretty sassy around her house. When her daughters start whining, fighting, back talking, or cursing, she gives them a little squirt of sassy sauce! The best part of this devilishly good parenting tip is that sassy sauce is simply vinegar! Which is disgusting, but has tons of positive health benefits! The days of washing your kids mouths out with soap are long gone! Hooray!

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“Merry KISS-mas” Gift Tag

"Merry Kiss-Mas" Gift tag

Are you a plain Kiss type or person, or peppermint, or are cookies and cream more your style? Lets be honest, I am down for just about any kind of chocolate. So when I made these gifts I went with just the plain chocolate kisses to please everyone. But, I keep wanting to experiment with the peppermint kisses. I am love the idea of how those colors would look together. It would give your gift that perfect holiday look and feel!

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‘Merry and Bright” FREE PRINTABLE

"Merry and Bright" Free Printable

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I don’t know about you guys, but all of my neighbors are putting up Christmas lights and their bright Christmas Trees, and I am SO ready for it! Let the decorating begin! And to celebrate my Christmas Spirit, I am sharing this FREE printable! I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it does mine, and brings a little Holiday Cheer into your home.

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