Rodan + Fields Active Hyrdating Serum Review

Rodan + Fields Active Hydrating Serum Review

My friend Jessica sent me this bottle of Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum to try.

Mellie and I (Lou) are both Master Estheticians (licensed skin care professionals).

I was very curious, and cautious.

Being a skin care professional, I am a bit of a brat when it comes to what I will put on my skin!

But I have fallen in love!

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Two Ingredient DIY Charcoal Mask

Kiss your blackheads goodbye! This DIY charcoal mask is so cheap and easy! Don't waste your money on fancy masks!

Have you guys been watching all the charcoal mask madness on social media? I am obsessed with watching people slowly peel off their black heads. I had to try it myself! My favorite are all the charcoal mask fails! Weather their mask doesn’t peel off at all, or they painfully remove all the hair off their face! I love it! I can’t get enough! Here are some of my favorite videos I have seen so far. I dare you to watch them and not laugh!

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Ginger Baths

ginger bath

I am a bit of a self proclaimed witch doctor.  I love natural cures and remedies… I just lost friends didn’t I???? Before you un-follow us, try this detoxing ginger bath!

Suffering from a cold?

Super congested?

Are you wondering if you will ever be able to breath through your nose again?

Are you tired, run down and weak?


Having trouble sleeping?

Are you in a funk?

Need to focus? Need to get motivated?

Want to tone and reduce cellulite?

Want to detox your body?


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Everything you need to know about MICROBLADING!

I am a natural blonde (although my hair has darkened with age) and I have a light complexion. So as you can imagine, I have light and fairly sparse eyebrows. I USED to fill them in with a powder or pencil daily. (Talk about a pain in the butt and so much time!) And honestly it was fine, but I never loved how they looked. I felt as if I couldn’t get the perfect color or shape. So last week I had my eyebrows microbladed! Here’s my before and after! 

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