Ooey Gooey Indoor S’mores

The perfect finger-food-for-any-occasion! Fouth-of-July, S'mores, indoor s'mores, quick, easy, Golden Graham treat bars,

Guys, I make this crack cocaine treat at least once a month! The funny thing is, is that every time I make it I hardly get any because people circle like vultures until it is gone! No seriously! I have resorted to grabbing a big ball of it, then I lock myself in the bathroom so no one can steal it from me! (I know I am disgusting…..and smart.) Go ahead and judge my eating habits, Judgy McJudgerton, I have no shame! This stuff is really THAT GOOD! And it is sooooooo addicting!

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Peace Themed Two Year Old Birthday Party

This peace sign, hippy, daisy, themed party was SO FUN! and so cheap and easy! The whole party cost me FOURTY DOLLARS! Talk about budget friendly! This sixties inspred little girls birthday party is perfect for any two year old!

I debated not throwing this party because:

let’s be honest, she is two, she has no “friends”, she will never remember it, parties cost a lot of money. The list goes on and on, I mean, who is this party even for?  

But for some reason (probably because I am crazy) I just couldn’t kick this idea. So I made it happen.


And did I mention, I did It all for way under $50?


Keep scrolling to see the budget break down and loads of cute pictures.

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Easy, No Bake, 5 Minute, Lemon Cheesecake

This cheeseckae is devine! It onky takes about five minutes start to finish to make. So fresh and creamy! It is the perfect summer treat to bring to your next BBQ! Also perfect for mothers day

This is a public service announcement to all men, women and children! Mother’s Day is coming up FAST! Fool her into believing you are totally awesome by making this 5 MINUTE, NO BAKE, CHEESECAKE! She will think you spent hours thinking of, and serving her, when in reality you were hiding in the kitchen surfing the web for funny cat videos!

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$599 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!

Enter to win $599 Amazon Giftcard! Perfect to celebrate summer with! Is there anything better than money to AMAZON?! It’s basically cash. How would you spend $599 if YOU won? We are getting all ready for summer over here, so on my list is a pool, squirt guns, and of course my FAVORITE sunscreen! There will be ONE lucky winner, and it could be YOU!! Head to the rafflecopter link below to enter! 

Don’t forget to check out all of the incredible bloggers that are helping to make this giveaway happen! You’ll love them!

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Pineapple Party

Have any of you ever had to decorate a church gym?

 If you have ever been lucky enough to do so, you know that is is full of challenges!

From basketball hoops to hymn book holders, church gyms are tough to decorate! 


Or “UGE” as Mr President Donald Trump would say. 

So I am just going to toot my own horn for a moment and give myself a pat on the back because I feel like  


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Adorable DIY Flower Mobile

DIY Flower Mobile

Want me to let you in on a secret? Oh, you do? Ok, I’ll spill… Deep breath…ok here it is… I AM BROKE! Every time I spend more than twenty dollars I cringe! I don’t think there is anything in my closet over $20!  When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl OVER TWO YEARS AGO!!! (Gosh, where does the time go?) My heart wanted a beautiful nursery full of beautiful, expensive, things… my budget, not so much. This easy-peasy DIY flower mobile made my heart, AND my head, AND my wallet, AND my eye balls happy! Keep reading for more secrets…. 

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