DELICIOUS and EASY zesty italian chicken over pasta.

If you like tasty, flavorful, AND the slow cooker convenience, then this recipe is for YOU! This recipe is literally at the top of my dinner rotation list.  The creaminess and the italian pop or flavor will make your mouth water all day while it cooks and smells up your house.  One of the best parts is every single person in my family will devour this….it’s a miracle meal! Also, since its not spicy and its easy to double the recipe, it’s one of my favorite things  to take to neighbors or new moms! WIN! 

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How to be Broke and Happpy

feeling blue about your bank account? We feel ya! Check out this hilarious guide to being pretty and poor

Ok, first lets clear this off the table. I am not talking about homeless, starving to death poor with nothing but the shirt on your back. I am talking about living in a camping trailer parked behind your in-laws double wide trailer with a piece of plywood for a door kind of poor. (Yup, i have been that poor).  I am going to assume you are not withering away in some flea ridden cardboard box because you must be reading this on some sort of electronic device. So, If you are feeling sad, lonely or disappointed by the size of your checking account, here are a FIVE tips that have pulled me through some tough times. But remember, money comes and goes. Don’t let money define who you are.

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Easy DIY Flamingo Costume and a Must-Do List For Halloween in Southern Utah

Isn't this baby flamingio adorable???? Can you believe it is a DIY project? Find the easy peasy details at


OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! Halloween is mere days away and I can hardly stand the suspense! These are pictures from last year (2015). Isn’t my baby flamingo adorable? We went as Florida tourists along side a flamingo, shark and a dinosaur alligator. Alligator costumes are extremely rare these days 😉 .

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Zombie Brain DIY Chip Dip Bowl

Your Halloween party guest will love this disgusting DIY!


Need a fun, spooky, treat idea for your next Halloween party?  This quick, easy, DIY zombie brain doll  is sure to be the talk of the party! All week this doll head has given me so much entertainment! I found her at a garage sale for $10! Best ten dollars I ever spent! From scaring the daylights out of our poor neighbor’s dog to chopping her head off in the front yard with a saw. I am pretty sure our neighbors think we are crazy! Ok ok our neighbors know us pretty well and am SURE they think we are crazy. But they love us anyway, i hope..maybe? Anway moving on…

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