The most amazing and moist Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies- and only THREE ingredients!!

You guys, I cannot wait to share this recipe with you! These cookies are hands down my favorite things to bake.  Here’s a little secret….I HATE baking, and it’s getting worse with age, I swear. I hate how many ingredients are needed, following such specific directions, the mess…I would honestly rather do anything else.  But then there is this part of me that loves the delicious smell of baking, and the nice warm yumminess fresh out of the oven, and eating too much in one sitting and getting sick haha.

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“Happy Fall” Gift Tag- with free printable!

Today I am sharing this adorable way to welcome fall, because lets be real, who doesn’t LOVE fall?!

I am such a sucker for a quick gift tag or gift idea.  Please say I am not the only one that realizes I need to take a little something to someone last minute? If you find this happening too, then this is just for you! I also wanted to make your life easier and include a free printable! How great is that?!

Need a quick gift? Check this out! It also has a FREE PRINTABLE!

Here’s what I used:

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Mortifying Monday

The people at Staheli Farm decided to offer us more tickets to give away! Yay! Lucky for us our Mortifying Monday this month just so happens to take place there as well! So here is a quick, little story to go along with our second Staheli Farm give away. To read another mortifying story that happened at Staheli Family Farm check out “The Day I Got Spit On By A LLama”


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The Day That I Got Spit on By A Llama


Photographs courtesy of stahelifamilyfarm.com

Allow me to set the scene, it is Halloween circa 2006-ish. I was a young, single and free college student in Southern Utah. I went to Staheli Family Farm with my two best friends Ashley and Brian. (Names have NOT been changed to protect their identities. If I am going down they are coming with me.) Staheli Family Farm is my happy place; corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, hay rides and hot cocoa. Staheli Farm is what Halloween dreams are made of. Anyway, we started the night at the “field of screams” (a combination of a corn maze and a haunted house).

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