All About Lou


Hi my name is Lou, 

Ok not really… my name is Alise. My parents names are Alan and Denise. They thought they were super creative and they mixed their names together and viola!  It made Alise! Lou has always been my nick name. My family only calls me Alise when I am in trouble. I am not even sure my husband knows my real name (just kidding…. except someone should ask him, just to be sure). I feel like no family is complete without a Lou. Does your family have a Lou?

I grew up in Logan Utah, nannied on the East coast for a bit then came home and settled in Southern Utah. I love Jesus, my hubby, my family,  my babies and I love giggling!  When I get the giggles, I cry uncontrollably and my nostrils flair (super sexy, I know). It doesn’t take much to make me laugh. A dirty joke, someone tripping or getting hit in the head and farts. Ha, ha, ha (cue nostril flair).

I am so excited about starting a blog and also very nervous. I am already overwhelmed by all the love and support. But at the same time, I have never felt so vulnerable. 

Lately I have been tempted to become something I am not. Perfect! I am not perfect, but I am hoping you are not perfect either. I am hoping we can be friends, laugh and cry together. I am hoping you can relate to my real, embarrassing, lovely, sometimes horrible, not perfect life. I promise to be true to myself as I wiggle myself into the blogging world. Thanks for joining the ride. TTYL (mom: ttyl means talk to you later) 

Xoxo Lou

Photo credit: Melissa McArthur Photography

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